LSEZ Ekers Stividors LP, Ltd., is one of the largest and most functional multi-modal port company in the port of Liepaja. More than 35% of the total cargo volume of the Port of Liepaja is handled at the terminals located in the territory of the company.

LSEZ Ekers Stividors LP has well-developed infrastructure and technological support of terminals for transhipment of various cargoes, as well as thanks to diversified port and transport services, allows to offer customers complex and maximally profitable solutions for cargo transportation.

IN 2018, LSEZ Ekers Stividors LP overloaded more than 2.75 million tons of various types of cargo, where the main cargo volume is bulk products. One of the main partners of the company is grain cargoes handling terminal operator SIA Danstore with a minimum annual turnover of 500-600 thousand tons.

The SCHWENK concern is our Partner of strategic importance, with a total annual volume of half a million tons, where the main cargo is Cement, but due to the nature of cement production, our companies have found many options for cooperation in cargo handling of such types of cargo as pressed alternative fuel , slag and cement clinker.

In order to ensure the most efficient quality of services and cargo safety, the company provides a full package of Stevedoring services and cargo storage, freight forwarding services, customs brokers and ship agency, also We cooperate with a lot of independent surveyors.